Monday, April 28, 2008

BMC50 Bcm_m50r1 Line Monitor

This is just a throwout in case anyone has the same problem with their Nortel BCM50 that I just had. My line monitor went out. That's not good for me, as my business is rolling out an additional national advertising campaign - I have to be able to see how many lines are in use. Our line monitor had worked initially, but then Wham, out of nowhere, it died.

A discussion at a nortel forum, BCM Line Monitor - Lines Don't Appear in Monitor, helped. Hope this helps you!

All I had to do was adjust the gateway my nortel device was using to match the gateway everything else was using. It was so simple, I could have punched myself!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Tip That Was More Than The Meal!

My father and I ate Friday evening at a restaurant in Midtown (The "trendy" area of Memphis). I had Maine lobster, and my father had a chicken dish. The food was excellent, though the portions were small.

What I did not like was looking at my credit card statement today and seeing that they charged me a $73.00 tip on a $56.00 meal.

What gives? I called the place. They're closed today, but if I don't hear anything back Monday, credit card company here I come!

The strange thing about this is that I had another processing error on Thursday, when I sent my gf flowers - the floral company that I always use charged my bank card [i]twice[/i].

The question thus is: Am I right in my assumption that I haven't been getting charged more than I've owed in years previous? I always try to keep my financial records in good order, but now I'm paranoid that I've been missing small things.


P.S. - I'm back.