Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Plans Continue for the Move

It has been a very full... week. In fact, at this Tuesday venture, I feel like I've done more in a week than a man should do in a week. It's not that the things I've done are abnormally difficult. The impact of these things though, is huge in my life. What things have I done, you ask? Well thank you, I'll tell you:
  1. I withdrew from North Central University, the place I love most in this world.
  2. I began the process of enrolling in the Carlson Distance Education shindig (re enrolling in North Central under a different name, essentially).
  3. I set an end date for my full time status at River Valley Church. This is almost as heartbreaking as withdrawing from NCU.
  4. I finished talking with my best friend about the fact that I can't room with him (and I feel really, really bad about that).
  5. I spoke further with a real estate agent in Roosevelt to see about the housing and rental situation there.
  6. I began looking into storage units in Apple Valley (and if you read this, and say "Hey Matt, God is calling me to bless a bible college student with free storage space, let me know. I somehow doubt anyone is feeling that call though).
  7. I began going through things to see what I can ditch, what will go with me, and what should stay.
  8. I contacted the Duchesne Chamber of Commerce. That's right, the area I'm going to is so boony, it has to combine into a county wide effort to get a chamber of commerce!
  9. I set up an appointment with my family mechanic to make sure that my car gets fine tuned before I head out. I think I need new drive axles.
So, things are moving fast!

I've also begun corresponding with some pastors in Utah that Pastor Rob and Anthony know. Good guys, RVC supports them as missionaries to Mormons.

Man, what a busy day!

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty hardcore. It's hard now, but it'll get better. You'll be glad you did this when it's all done. Keep your eyes on the prize, my friend.