Friday, September 22, 2006


It is counterproductive to heat a room, and then have a regrigerator in that room cooling off your food in the same room.


Anonymous said...

Why? Isn't that what we do in our houses all winter long?

Matthew Nowlin said...

Yes, it is.

And it is counterproductive. Think about the concept of a fridge that would still have it's owner compressor to cool in the summer, and rare winter occasions, but could pull air from outside and mix it with indoor air to achieve the desired temperature.

It would cut refrigeration costs by 90% in the winter I bet.

Anonymous said...

Here's something to think about, when we were first married, we live in an apartment in San Diego and the stove and refrigerator were side by side. NOTHING in between except an occasional cock roach. Now THAT'S counterproductive.