Sunday, November 05, 2006

I See It! A Diamond in the Rough!

So, I'm out at a yard that my mechanic says might have an engine I'm looking for for a vehicle I bought recently. All of the sudden, I see a Toyota Supra... from the front. The hood is down, and I can't tell if it's a turbo or not. I (literally) say a quick prayer, and open the hood. Sweetness, it's a turbo! I run and check the mileage on it, and it's 136k... and it was a Memphis pd abandoned vehicle!

I'm very excited for this because these are rare, rare engines - the turbo's, that is. I had a guy call in a few weeks ago saying that he wanted one we had quoted him on that had 120k, and he was gonna pay serious, serious bucks for it (close to 3k). Well, the one we had quoted him on was gone! I couldn't find him another one in the entire country either! 3k, down the drain! Now, I see one that I can get for literally nothing! I can rebuild it, and offer it on the market - we get these calls a LOT! Then, I'll just get a core from the guy, rebuild that one, and I'll always have a Supra engine available.

To be honest with you, it will be Chris, not me, rebuilding these. That joker is good at what he does, no doubt. But I'll learn a lot as I watch him. I'll also pay the machine shop bill for parts of the rebuild we have to contract out! But this is gonna be sweet - almost as sweet as when I get the cressida back from the paint shop and sell that boy! Cars are about to start moving, I can feel it in my bones!

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