Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday

"I hate Mondays, and I love Fridays." People that say that frustrate me. Nine times out of ten, people that say that work for the other guy, don't maximize their potential in life, and react to things that happen to them instead of being proactive.

"I hate Mondays" is in direct contrast to the mentality that God has laid out in scripture of working unto him with our full heart and storing up for hard times when the Lord gives us the chance. We have a negative savings rate in this country. I'm really feeling that right now at the business - we're selling tons of engines this tax season. That fits right in with the statistic I heard the other day that says most folks only savings is in their tax returns!

If you hate Mondays, you need to stop whining, get an attitude readjustment, and go kick some butt at your job.

This was a rant, not a blog. :D

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