Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sad Day

One year ago today, Midnight, our poodle of 12 years, was put to sleep in Bartlett, TN. Simultaneously, I was babysitting this dog in Farmington, MN. I was unaware Midnight was being put to sleep and it came as a shock to me.

The dog in the picture is named Mickey, and I can hardly wait to own my own black poodle one day again. They make great football buddies, love to see you when you get home - and they're just flat smart.

R.I.P. Midnight Shadow Nowlin.
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Anonymous said...

Losing a dog is hard. I didn't even like having a dog and I still cried for a week after she died. Now, about this football thing; you aren't actually using the dog as a football, are you? My friends kids, when they were little, used their pet rabbit to play catch. When asked they told their mother they couldn't use their baby brother because he was too heavy.