Thursday, July 26, 2007

Family Businesses: Good and Bad

Sitting here on hold as I try to get work done for another member of my family in our family business, I'm about as angry as I can be, which is not typical, but does happen from time to time. In a family business, moods seem to be dependent on what people eat for breakfast.

A few observations:
1. Never "bushwhack" someone right away as they come in for work.
2. Never make an accusation and then try to act like you were just asking a probing question to see if there was something you should be worried about.
3. It is unfair to think that when someone works until 11:00 at night doing something for you, they will always want to do this.
4. When you tell someone you want to talk to them, and thus use their time, it is courteous to set an agenda. Blind shotgun conversations are stupid and ineffective, and only very poor leaders waste their time and the time of their subordinates with this type of idiocy.
5. To quote the worn out phrase that everyone should know, but that everyone does not yet know: Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Eat it.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought here, Matt. Perhaps it's best not to blog when you are angry. I couldn't really catch the total gist of your anger but I think that perhaps my favorite quote might fit your current situation. "Don't let your lack of planning become my emergency."

Matthew Nowlin said...

Nancy, why can't the house speaker be as wise as you are?

Yeah, that was a vent blog.