Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Great Night at the Venetian Watching Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

A friend of mine snagged some fantastic tickets to watch Blue Man Group tonight in Las Vegas. These tickets were given to us by the folks putting on Pubcon, specifically Brett Tabke.

The Blue Man Group is by no means a new phenomenon; the original group formed in New York City in 1987. My girlfriend is quite familiar with the group through friends who have seen the group even though she has never seen them herself. To me, the group was new. I enjoyed them tremendously.

I don't live in Las Vegas, and this is the first time that I have ever been to the city. It is nice to know that there is good clean entertainment available in what is known as Sin City. This might be the best show in Las Vegas if you're looking to go to something that you know is "safe", fun, and thought-provoking.

The show is safe very little of it is spoken. There is no crude language and there are no sexual overtones. If you are an intuitive type of person you will be thrilled with the subtlety of communication. The humor ranges from extremely simple to more elaborate but there are no dirty jokes.

The show is fun because all the abstract elements that pulls on. It has the weirdness of blue humanoid creatures who are not quite human but have the sense of wonder that every human values at some level. The show is fun because of the audience involvement. I myself had a camera stuck in my mouth and zoomed down my throat. I brought it on myself when I returned the gaze of one of the blue men as they were running a camera through the front row. A sweet lady was picked out of the audience is taken up on stage to "dine" with the Blue Man Group, and another man was abducted out of the audience and put in a jumpsuit. Over the next few minutes, he was slathered in blue (is closer safe because of the jumpsuit) and launched into a canvas where he became an abstract artist.

The show is thought-provoking because of the nuance that it plays on as well as the outright parodies it does of modern rock 'n roll, advertising, and a few select romantic time. I will send more in this area because I might ruin the show for you.

I definitely enjoyed my night and left entertained. If you have a chance to see The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas or anywhere else, I highly recommend you do so.

Many thanks to the folks at Pubcon for a great night of entertainment.

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