Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah, Huntsville

Yesterday Sarah and I made a quick trip to Huntsville. Quick, as in we left church early and spent less than 4 hours in Huntsville before heading back around 5:55 PM, CST.

I'm glad we went. I think it made Sarah feel a lot better to get home one last time before the wedding, and we of course had a trunk full of items to bring back. The real reason this was good is that she knows we're close to her parents. A four hour jot over to her parents is nothing; a day trip is easily accomplished.

The dog even seemed to enjoy it. And he's crazy.


Catherine and David said...

If Jack Bauer had a good time on the road trip, it must have been fun. It makes me tired thinking about 8 hours of driving in one afternoon/evening.

Anonymous said...

The driving wasn't so bad with the break, but long trips don't thrill me the way it used to.