Friday, June 30, 2006

"Superman." Superdumb.

Wednesday night I went out to see the movie "Superman" with some students and a few other youth leaders. What a way to take a great movie concept and make it terrible. Here is what I liked, and what I hated:

  1. Clark and Jimmy. The actors did a good job portraying them.
  2. The old guy at the top. Yup, that old guy sure did a good job. I'm being intentionally vague.
  3. Lois's fiance. Except for the fact that he's living with someone he's not married to, seems like a guy that has his act together and will fly a seaplane into an emerging continent to save the woman he loves.

  1. Lois living with a dude she's not married to.
  2. Superman effectively raping Lois by erasing her memory after they "did it," and then wanting to hang around his son in the bedroom. Superman is not supposed to be a pedophile. Or a pedo anything - he flies. No walking or perversion allowed.
  3. 80's effects. Come on, even Episode II was better than the 80's.
  4. Superman being a Superdeadbeat dad. Come on. The man of steel shouldn't need to "grow some." Joseph Stalin, the original man of steel, wasn't even a deadbeat dad.
  5. The really, really bad job they did of showing the urgency of stopping that whole destroying the world thingy-majigger.

    What they could have done better:
  • Had someone else make the stupid movie. God will punish them for making a movie with so many references to Christ that retarded.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review - we talked about going to see it at the drive-in last night, but ended up doing other things. Sorry I didn't get you called back -- I will this afternoon when I finish the shift at work.