Friday, September 28, 2007

As Company Grows, My Brain Grows and Blows Up

I'm studying the different versions of Server 2003 so that I can figure out what will work best for my company as we grow and add my network devices (and employees to work those network devices.

From my understanding there is a difference between 2003 SP2 and 2003 R2...

I need to be able to:

* Have users log onto my domain and be able to hop around from desktop to desktop. They won't do this OFTEN, just in case of their system crashing or me needing to work on their station.
* Manage my print services and quickly add print capabilities to new systems without crazy driver issues.
* Serve an access database to select users
* Serve our sales database (ACT!) to every computer
* Allow me to set permissions and security for every folder
* Easily implement VPN so I can get on this puppy now... from the airport, fishing, whereever
* allow to to remotely reboot
* Work with my 32 bit processor on the "server" that now has xp pro on it.
* Connect to 10 computers (now, will be adding more over time)
* Manage internet speeds going to each computer to insure everyone but me has slow, junky speeds (just kidding about the last few words there)
* Assign permanent IP addresses to systems based on their MAC address.

So.... can I do this with SP2? On server do they make you pay to download sp's? Or do I need R2?

And am I being stupid thinking I need Enterprise Edition?

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Anonymous said...

It's all greek to me!