Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Great Weekend with The Girlfriend

This past weekend was a great time. Nervousness passed to a great feeling of "yes!" as my girlfriend met my family. We had a great time!

Sarah was able to arrive about 8 hours early on Saturday as she found out at the last minute her job was closed for the holiday and was able to change her flight.

She and my family were able to dine at the Tower Room
which is on the 33rd floor of Clark Towers. For Memphis, that is way high in the sky. For everyone else, please, no makey fun of me.

On Sunday, Sarah and I went to Life Church of Memphis (the church I attend in Memphis) and then had a great time just lazing around.

Monday was the culmination of a great weekend though, as we spent a great portion of the day at the Memphis Zoo and then went to the Mississippi River to watch the sunset.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I've been behind in my reading and just got caught up! You are Sarah make a cute couple.