Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well, Good Things

So, I had to turn down a job offer that I got in MN. I won't say where it was, just that it was something I really wanted to do, and that it was hard to say no to it. I love MN, from one corner to the other, and would have enjoyed the offer. After two weeks of prayer though, not only did I not have any peace about the offer, I felt like the timing was all wrong.

I've structured a pay for performance bonus system in my family business. We're continuing to implement a lot of changes this year, from staffing to computer systems to basic operations, and this is going to be a breakthrough year for the company. Well, another breakthrough year, as '07 has been phenomenal. The difference between '07 and '08 that I hope to see is increase in revenue, like '07 saw, without the HUGE costs. Expanding our offices, putting in a world class phone system, putting in a world class network, already having to expand the phone system AGAIN... it's crazy, ya know?

But, the Lord has been good to my family, me, and the business. I'm working on getting everything full flow by April, then training my successor and leaving in mid-December of next year... and that is contractual. Then, back to MSP to finish school.

I won't lie... I don't want to be here in Memphis. If I didn't feel it was what the Lord had for me right now and that it was part of his plan for my life, I would not be here.

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Nancy Holte said...

Your vagueness is driving me nuts!