Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Moving Is Hard Work" - Captain Obvious

Before I go any farther, let me please ask that no one leaves comments about my title using phrases like, "Thank you, Captain Obvious." Obviously, most people know moving is hard work. I spent the entire weekend moving, and was blessed that Mom and Dad helped me all day Saturday. I rented an F-150 from U-Haul, and made about 4 trips to and from my previous residence. It wasn't that difficult, save moving my solid walnut dresser. That thing is heavy! It's beautiful though, and a family heirloom (it was saved from my Grandfather's furniture store after a fire wiped out the business in the late 40's).

My cable and internet are set up. I told Memphis Light, Gas, and Water to start billing me on Friday for utilities via a web form, and even gave them two week's notice. I've received no indication that they've done that yet, and they are impossible to reach through their "customer support line."

I have to make a trip to Minneapolis to get some stuff out of storage. I still plan on coming back, people, but I have a lot of furniture in a room that I need here, and I don't want to pay for storage any more!

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