Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Taste of Minnesota... and Speeding Tickets

So yesterday I went up to hang out at A Taste of Minnesota with five other friends. It was fun. Of special note:

  • The gang fight we saw was sub par. Out of the approximately 50 members (the two gangs combined) only two were fighting. Taste: Poor in my mouth.
  • The food was excellent.
  • No, Mr. Ticket Man, I do not want to purchase the right to drink alcohol.
  • The fireworks were sub par.
  • I hate Hoff Jewelers. More on this below.

So after walking around for a while, we ate some Gyros and ice cream. On the way to the parking ramp we were to watch the Fireworks at (the riverside area was all full and we didn't have chairs), I bought all four girls a rose. Aren't I a sweet heart?

In regards to the actual fire works show, it was excellent. I love pyrotechnics, whether it is beautiful fireworks or just blowing junk up. The thing that almost ruined the night though, were two advertising planes. They had moving, illuminated billboards on their bellies, and were actually fun to watch during the day. I thought that when the fireworks show started, they would boogey on out. They didn't.

If you've ever seen footage of our bombers flying over Baghdad during the first Gulf War, you'll know what this looked like. The planes flew right through the middle of the fire works, which was very tacky. Way to go, Hoff Jewelers. You guys almost left a bad taste in my mouth at taste of Minnesota, and you also have bad reviews on

The fireworks were beautiful, and loud. Take that, England.

After celebrating America, God's hand of justice on earth today, and the best nation ever, I got six hours of sleep and woke up at six to "pay the man" for some speeding tickets. I hate the man right now. Don't give the man (devil) room in your life to demand payment. I'm sorry at how lame that was. Often times spiritual connections in blogs about daily life are retarded. Look at this as an example of that.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying America = God's hand of justice on earth today, or that you celebrated God's hand of justice on earth today in addition to celebrating America?

Matthew Nowlin said...

I'm saying that America is God's hand of justice on earth.

I also thought you knew me well enough to catch the sarcasm there.

I believe God has and will continue to use nations, and obviously America is one of those. I would even go so far to reject your oversimplification of deism (you have to realise the evolution of deism over time) and assertion that this nation wasn't founded as a Christian nation.

Can America be A hand of justice on earth? Certainly. Are we the hand of justice on earth. No.

Anonymous said...

Oversimplifed, fine.

Does it change the fact that Jefferson perished without eternal life? Does it change the fact that Kingdom-of-God style living simply didn't occur to some/most of the founders? (I mean, Patrick Henry kept his wife locked up in the basement, for goodness sake...)