Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Please, be Dishonest

I hate dishonest people. They waste me a lot of time.

My current job is at the family business. The one I helped my dad start four years ago. I'm now a hireling though, not a partner. Way to dip out too early Matthew. Anyways, we are able to make a living because we sell honest engines at good prices. Simple. Well, not really.

You see, a lot of my suppliers today lied about mileage on engines I was getting quotes on, and I caught them in our paperwork process. Then I had to find new engines for my customer. It pisses me off when I fall 10 phonecalls behind because billy joe in Kentucky is a worthless liar.

Good god, FTC. So, I hate dishonesty.

But here's the other end of the stick. I sold an engine on Monday, on ebay, at way too low of a price. The customer hasn't contacted us yet (they made an offer on the engine), and I'm glad. I don't want to get paid - I want the customer to break their contract - because if they do, I lose a lot of cash. So, please don't pay.

Other things: Sorry if I'm not getting back with everyone, and that I'm not keeping this updated that much. I am very busy! I rise at about 5:50 a.m. every day, anwer ebay emails, get ready for work, am at the office between 7 and 8 am (closer to 7), and leave around 6:00 p.m. I then eat, and answer ebay emails until I go to sleep! I am going to have to get a gym membership, or I'm going to go crazy here.

The fun thing for me though, so far, has been working car deals on the side. I've got a nice little audi in the driveway I'm about to flip - book value is about 3x what I have in it. I'm about to flip an '06 trailblazer with 2000 miles on it be bought wrecked and fixed up. Should make some cash on that.

Finally, I'm about to pick up a buick century tomorrow night that needs a new engine (which I can get cheeep!) and flip that. I'm working with a great mechanic (if you're in Memphis and need one, let me know. This guy is does great work at great prices. Probably the best mechanic we know of - and we know a lot, all over the country, with all the engines we sell.) and this is a money car.

I need to flip my six money cars by the end of the year and then flip the 24 my family is legally allowed to flip next year, and get some cash.

It's a lot more fun than oil. You just work longer hours, and don't get a week off :)

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