Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some funny things from the week

This week a few funny things have come accross me as I've dealt with international customers seeking engines:

The first was from a Belgian man who sent me a very long email, asking many detailed questions for his 1999 Ford Pony. I think he meant Mustang...

The second is dealing with the agent of a guy in Russia who bought a 2005 Infiniti QX56 engine from me.

The phone convo went something like:
Me: "lowmileage engines..."
Him" "I buy engine for Victor."
Me: "You're his broker?"
Him: "Is that what I am? Broker?" (laughs evilly)
Me: "OK. What's your ebay member name?"
Him: "Ballzbuster"

No joke, I think his client is in the Russian mob. I mean, who in Russia can afford new infinitis besides the mob? AND WHO HAS THAT KIND OF EBAY NAME?

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