Monday, April 02, 2007


Last week I had a few interesting incidents.

Thursday, I found a homeless guy sleeping in an investment vehicle while I was taking pictures of it for advertising. I was not pleasant to him, especially after he peed on the rear wheel of the vehicle.

That night, with a new paranoia about the vehicles I leave at the office, I drove back by after I left the gym. Figuring I might as well get some work done, I went in the office for about 45 minutes. When I left the building, there were two kids in a late model Civic doing something unglodly enough to make the vehicle's shocks take the worst beating of their life. I walked to my Audi (in the opposite direction of them), turned on all my lights and cranked up some rap as loud as I could - I needed those kids to leave, as I didn't want to drive right by them, and they were by the only exit from the rear of the building. I sat. Waiting. For five minutes. Awkward Sometimes, you just can't win. So, I drove by them blaring my horn the entire time.

Awkwardness is such a weird emotion. You can feel awkward in good situations - getting to know someone new. You can feel awkward if you've done something wrong and you think you'll get caught.

Kids really do a better job of expressing themselves. Many times I've had them sum up why they can't talk about something with their parents - "It makes me feel retarded." That's an interesting take on the subject. Awkward could be anger with an extra chromosome - or fear, or sadness. It's a play on something normal, a perversion of something good. For example, meeting the homeless man, or those kids. Meeting someone should be a great thing! But when they're peeing on your car, or doing something shameful, the beauty of the meeting is perverted, and awkwardness ensues. Or think about meeting someone you feel is "better" than you. Your sense of self-worth has been perverted... things have gotten, as a teenager would put it, "retarded."

What a random, awkward blog. Oh well - off to the gym and then back to the office to check my cars!

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