Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Sweet Little A4

We sell engines. (Oh yeah, long non-blogged story. Summary: I'm in Memphis, selling engines at lowmileageengines.com, the family business). We also are starting to sell cars, and we got an Audi on the cheap from a dealership the other day. Reason? Bad transmission. And no one in Memphis works on Audi's except the Audi dealership, and own it the Audi dealership did not. Well, no one except Christ. We ordered a replacement transmission, Chris popped it in the Audi while it was sitting in the alley behind the office... and I drove that thing last night, and it drove nice. I love leaving people in the dust at lights and such (you have to test the car... right?).

Anyways, I'm a bit miffed at my dad on this - he wants to just barely double money on it when book value is triple what we have in it! But I see where he's coming from... we haven't sold many cars and the name of the game is "turning" them. I'd love to sell cars though, have bout twenty of 'em on hand.

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Sports Dave said...

Umm...I feel like I picked up a book and started reading at page 5429437291. What happened to Utah?