Thursday, September 18, 2008


My dad has a saying that is good, as far as sayings go: "the greatest sin in the world today is ingratitude." I think that this is very true, if you define greatest as existing in the greatest quantity. We're all ungrateful to a certain extent. The great tragedy of this ungratefulness is that it rarely just festers without harm, but instead germinates in our spirits and causes us to expend a lot of energy. You know what I'm talking about - pouting, whining, complaining, and sulking all take a lot of effort!

The Psalms give us some great examples of how to deal with these situations: bring the goodness of God into the mix. Some folks take this to mean we should deny our reality if we're having problems. They say to speak things that aren't as though they are. When I read Psalms though, I see acknowledgment of the situation, a cry to God, and a resignation to providence.
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