Thursday, September 11, 2008

My election thoughts

They can be summed up quickly:
1. Oil dropped below. $100 * barrel in some markets today. Bad for the dems.
2. The Obamessiah only got a 4 point bump after his convention. McCain got 11 point. Bad for the dems.
3. Palin is as good a speaker as Obama and doesn't require a teleprompter. Bad for the Dems.
4. The Obamessiah is not holding up well under scrutiny. For example, his political career was launched in the living room of an admitted domestic terrorist (Ayers - Bombed the Pentagon). There really isn't much one can do to counter that.
5. Palin vs. Obama will ignite evangelicals on the abortion issue. Obama is a babykiller, and there is no way around it.
6. McCain is beating Obama on specifics and clarity of planning. A good example of this is policy on NUCLEAR POWER. McCain has specific financial outlays and scheduling... Obama has nothing but vagueness, save on paying for it. His plan to pay for it is, of course, to raise taxes.

That's a start. I would love to support a third party candidate (or Palin), but with Barack being the most liberal threat this country has faced in an election (well, since the communists were a legitimate threat during the depression), I don't think it would be responsible.
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Nancy Holte said...

Palin uses a teleprompter. At least she did at the convention. Not that I'm oppposed to her, mind you, I just don't think that's a valid point.

It'll certainly be an interesting election.

Matthew Nowlin said...

She uses a teleprompter, yes. But it BROKE during the speech. Most of her speech was from the basic outline, but impromptu.